Purpose & Features

Core Purpose & Features


Quality assessment:

  • Assessment is primarily for the teacher to improve their impact
  • Testing is not teaching
  • No-one ever grew taller by being measured!
  • Feedback is not more marking

Bridging pastoral and curriculum practice. Evidence-based:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Education inclusive of results, character development and learning dispositions

Putting assessment into teaching rather than teaching into assessment:

  • Making new accountability measures fit your teaching and values

On-going development and support for a self- improving organization. A complete development service together with a QA/Accreditation process via Exeter University Cognitive Education Development Unit. Making Multi-Academy Trusts deliver all-through education

Intolerant of lack of impact and labelling students.

The educational response to a label is “I can fix it”

Student centred:

  • Growth in all aspects
  • Non-medicalisation of education
  • No diagnostic labels

Bespoke whole school Cognitive Education training provided by the Thinking Schools International Team

Teacher workload aware. Removal of unnecessary burdens and the preservation of the art of teaching.

Preservation of creativity and professional growth

Family orientated “If it is not good enough for our own children, then it is not good enough”


Reflective of high impact strategies based on the research of the Sutton Trust and John Hattie

In association with Exeter University’s cognitive Education Development Unit, SISRA, Kestrel and Thinking Schools International

Teachers’ and Leaders’ fundamental role is to evaluate their impact

Fosters researching professionals rather than professional researchers. Any assessment/evaluation is only as good as its interpretation

Complete fusion of assessment, recording, reporting, tracking, monitoring, intervention and cognitive education.

Breaking the

“Sprint finish”

No ‘tricks’:

  • Authentic education.

A year’s improvement for a year’s teaching for all students

  • Genuine internationally acknowledged impact measures

Backward design:

  • Assess
  • Teach
  • Evaluate

Fully embracing of variation in schools assessment practices

Focuses on Teaching and Learning Leadership, Assessment, Recording, Reporting, Tracking, Monitoring, Intervention, CPD, NQT, ITE, Recruitment

- “Life after Levels” and a common conception of progress across all phases

- Multi-Academy Trust focussed

Built on robust research and over 30 years  experience of teaching in schools and higher education

The GPP Specifics

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GPP Specifics


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Evidence of impact

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Evidence of Impact

The Set Up Process

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GPP Set Up

Costs and Next Steps

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Next Steps & Costs

Purpose & Features

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Purpose & Features

The GPP Specifics

The GPP provides a clear 3 year development plan based on the 15 criteria used for accreditation as a ‘Thinking School’ and the 5 additional criteria used for accreditation as an ‘Advanced Thinking School’.

It then provides a professional development framework using ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘E’ as its structure. Teachers, Leaders and Support Staff will therefore receive support, guidance and instruction in the following 3 areas:

  • Assessment
  • Teaching
  • Evaluation

Developed by teachers for teachers

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"Bringing learning to life"

GPES has developed an industry leading programme (GPP) through Dr Dave Walters that has the core values and moral purpose of organisations at the core of a self-improving system.

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